Conflict-Resolution, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36 ", ©2008


Perception is everything, everything is shifting, nothing is static.

seeing is believing
seeing is betrayal

Open your eyes

                        Sight. Spectrum. Line. Light.
So many images, so much light
How do you see something
 when there is so much to see?

Imagine the image
(note the in in image: imagine)

The image is mirage

The image lost is an image … an image … an image
                        Where did the image go?
                                                (The image is lost)

so many images so little

(images lost in a nation of images)

                        imagine = the new dirty word

            what do we talk about when there is so much to talk about?
how do we see when there is so much to see?


These paintings ask you to look longer

to imag(in)e