Rationality of the Imagination


Expulsion of the Devils (after Giotto), acrylic on canvas, 4' x 3', © 2009

Joseph Albers wrote “Looking at my 'Structural Constellations'
demands from us repeated changing of the direction
of our vision and of reality.”

To this end, my new paintings take familiar images from the Renaissance (without the cast of characters)to which I graft Albers' Constellations, altering temporal and spacial perspective.

What is the philosophy of rationality?
What is the rationality of imagination?

That is what the Renaissance presumes to have taught us.

And what about Albers? He bridges the old, European modality with our new, American consciousness. Today, more than in the decades of Albers preeminence (1950s, '60s) abstraction needs the geometric hard edge to understand the adopted image of Giotto. My new work seeks a revised spatial mathematics of the imagination.